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Lending A Helping Hand

North Staffordshire Round Table Lodge No.8355 recently stepped up to assist a resident of the Gingerbread Centre replace his stolen bicycle. The father of three relied on his bicycle to take his children to and from school and having it stolen made life extremely difficult. Local Freemasons quickly rallied round when they learned of his difficulty and within a matter of hours of learning about his situation, they provided the funding for the charity to purchase a new bike for him so he could once again become mobile.

As we know, Freemasons offer support to their local community on a regular basis. Nationally, they donate over £40m a year making them one of the largest charity contributors alongside the National Lottery. Supporting our local community and supporting a local family in a time of need is just one way we have been able to step up for the Gingerbread Centre who assist and support homeless families get back on their feet.

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