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How well do you know your Masonic history?

In November, members of the NSRTL Lodge of Instruction team presented an illustrated talk to a virtual Lodge meeting, on the subject of famous and historical freemasons. A presentation of the great and good of Masonic history was followed up by a short quiz based on who those Masons were and what they had achieved. Many of the members were surprised by who is or has been a Mason and there are many from Monarchs to Labourers who have donned their apron and joined their fellow Masons to enjoy the hallmarks of Freemasonry. A fun evening enjoyed by a good number of the brethren.

For your own knowledge and entertainment, we've attached below the presentation, together with the quiz and answers!

IT-00657-20-37PP Famous Freemasons_V2
Download PD • 1.89MB

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